New Canon Mini D-SLR?

The rumored new Canon mini D-SLR stirs curiosity. Rumor has it that Canon, Inc. is working on a new D-SLR that will be the smallest and lightest yet. Based on breaking news from CanonWatch, the “super-small D-SLR” will be a cross between the EOS M and the EOS 650D.…

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‘Black Friday’ shopping spree for photographers

Photographers now have a wild access to the best deals of the year. Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season and we are currently in the Black Friday Week leading up to Friday, November 23. The specials extend into Cyber Monday, November 26.…

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover — Cameras and Photography


NASA’s Rover known as Curiosity which has been on Mars since August 6, 2012 is in serious search for clues to a past or even current presence of microbial life — i.e. alien lifeforms. After 6 prior attempts to safely land Rovers on Mars, Curiosity has taken the charm.…

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The EOS M, Canon’s first mirrorless camera


Canon finally announced (on July 23, 2012) the anxiously awaited EOS M – its first mirrorless camera. With an 18MP APS-C sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor, this new camera is truly a hybrid, combining elements of an EOS DSLR squeezed into a compactly sized (Point-and-Shoot) camera largely operated via its touch screen LCD.…

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