Real life test of iPhoto09

Just a quick warning to anyone thinking about using iPhoto09: if you have a lot of pictures, it is slow! I just came back from by girlfriend parents house where they have about 16,000 pictures (46gig). While iPhoto08 was fast and very responsive, the newer version is as quick slow as a slug given the same amount of pictures/albums. …

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iPhoto09: the vanguard of automatic meta-tagging

No, this is not a review of iLife ’09, or iPhoto. There are already plenty out there.  Instead I want you, me, us, to think about how that face detection thing can change the way we work. I played with it a bit and while it is not perfect (according to iPhoto my girl friend looks like a guy as soon as she wears a hat…) it shows promises and it is a first step in the automated meta-tagging world. …

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Going to NY, what to bring, where to go?

Next weekend, I am on my third trip to Manathan. While I have seen the city a few times before, this is the first time I will go there with a single goal: taking pictures. I had non photographer friends with me in my previous visits which created some tension every time I asked for a “quick stop” to take a picture.…

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Which lens should I buy?

We read this question at least once a week in any photography forum. While there are a lot of possible answers, the first question should be “What do I want to shoot?”. It is only once you know what is the kind of subject that interests you that you can pick up the perfect lens.…

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Cross process Aperture Preset


DISCLAIMER: these parameters were not discovered by me, I found them somewhere on the net and never wrote the URL. I will update the post if I ever find the URL again and give due credits. Here is a quick tip on how to achieve a cross process look in Aperture without buying an expensive plugin (I am looking at your Silver Fx!).…

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Manual focus confirmation

This is something written in the manual, but I have noticed that few people know about it, and even less read the manual. So I thought it would be a good idea to write about it.  When you are in manual focus mode, if you half-press the shutter button, the camera will beep and highlight the squares that are in focus.…

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