D-Focus test (video)

Now that you have seen the rig, lets see how well it can perform! My test was quite simple: I dialed my lens at f/2.8 and made a small diorama with my Play Mobile miniatures. Please, don’t ask why I still have these, there is a reason, I swear!…

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Finally got my complet FF kit!

It’s finally here! My bitching about the shipping time for my rails was totally erroneous: it was delivered in less than 2 days. The problem was with the supplier shipping my order 2 weeks after I placed it! So without any further delays, here is my first impression of my intermediate cinephotographer kit.…

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List of weather sealed lenses


This question has been asked to me so many times that I decided to make an ‘official’ list that I can refer people to the next time the question pops up in a forum. Before going to the list, you have to know that the weather sealing of the Canon 5DMrkII is marginal.…

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Should you buy third party lenses?

For the budget conscious photographer looking for new lenses, there is a solution: third party manufacturers. In fact, it surprises me that we don’t hear about them more often. They offer nice products and when you take into account that they cost half the price of the “official” ones, it is worth investigating.…

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Link: Photography Bay D700 vs 5DMrkII noise face off

Photography Bay released an interesting comparison between the 5D and the D700. The goal of the test was to see how each body performed in low light at high ISO.  While I am happy the 5D came on top, it had to be expected since it is a more recent model and images were down-sampled to the lower denominator.…

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