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  • JorgeLuisBorges

    The social network buttons on the left of the site get in the way of reading content on a phone.

    • Thank you for your critic, I will check how to solve that issue, may I know which phone?

      • JorgeLuisBorges

        I’m on an iphone 5. Thanks!

        • For now I removed that social slider, until they solve issue, thanks.

        • I have iphone 4 and have no such issue, I’m checking with plugin provider about issue, and I will check it on the friends iphone 5, thanks.

          • JorgeLuisBorges

            Here’s a screen grab of the bar covering the text. It’s not the end of the world, but it is annoying!

          • JorgeLuisBorges

            Is this uploading?

          • Thanks. It works, I can see it. I contacted provider of that plugin, they said you will be able to disable it on your smart-phone. I will check if I need to update plugin before it works.

  • Trevor Richards

    Can I install a custom Copyright image to my Canon 5D Mark III Camera?

    • Hello Trevor,
      I believe that is impossible.
      Couple of reasons why I think it is no go:
      – post processing of image (your watermark would change)
      – compression (your watermark would change)
      – RAW (not possible to put it, would be RAW + PNG or more complicated to stick it on original image)

  • Rinco sarker

    Hello i am Rinco. I am a regular audience to you
    website. I need a help to your. I do not found Media kit to your website.
    Please help me to give your Media kit URL.

  • valerie

    While googling for some information on the Polaroid Performance Grip I came upon your site and you had done a review of the grip and had added this comment: “The documentation about how to use the intervalometer is erroneous! I am probably going to post a tutorial on this soon to save you all some time!” Just wondered if you had ever gotten around to posting the tutorial or still had plans on doing so. I know there are many of us out here that would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you.

    • Hello Valerie, I’m sorry to disapoint you. That camera and battery grip are sold, thus no review ever :( I got other solutions for intervalometer now, so it would be waste of money to buy it again. I will look over internet to remind about it, and maybe I could help you, but I can’t promise a thing.

      Sorry one more time. Have a nice rest of the day.

  • Gyan Sahay

    Shutter speed of 50 is not coming on display on my Canon 5D markII . Earlier i was shooting on speed of 50 . but now getting 45 …60 which may record flicker with HMI lights.
    Plz suggest how to get shutter speed of 50.. My email Id [email protected]

    • Gyan, that is absolutely normal. Do you use Magic Lantern, how do you know your shutter speed is not 50 :)

      Please test it under artificial light and let me know if you see flickering.

  • TJ Rob Ridle

    Hello my name is Tana and I have a major problem with my 5D Mark ll. The color is very dull when taking pictures. When I first purchased my camera pictures had amazing color and it showed up that way on my preview screen. Now after having my camera for a year the pictures are dull and blah. I have taken it to a camera store and they told me it was due to the time of year. Well why is it doing it in the summer too????

    • Hello Tana,
      can you please send me example of an image to mail [email protected]
      And can you please confirm in which mode do you shoot, when you go to Menu and Image Quality?