24p for everyone!

It is now official. The soon to be released firmware update will give us 24p/25p, live histogram, some better audio and that is about it. Sure it is great, but I guess I am not the only one who was hoping for more (as in [email protected]).

Still, I am an happy camper. On top of having a more film like look, 24p clips will take about 20% less space on my CF cards or be 20% longer.

Are we going to see another firmware update until the 5DMrkIII? I doubt it. The 5D has now evolved into a full cinephotographer tool and Canon answer to the Red Scarlet is probably going to come in some other form.

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  • Lee

    Gosh.. I’m so happy! Finally!

  • How soon will it be released? Do you know if FCE work with 24p footage?

    • admin

      Of course it will work with 24p!

  • “Of course”? I can’t figure out how to set up the ‘Easy Setup’ thingy to accept 30p, much less 24p. It seems to handle 30p all right when I drop some AIC files into the timeline and it does its altering of the project to match it. I guess that might work with 24p? I’ve read conflicting answers to that question in the FCE forums at Apple.com.

  • Michi.G85


    I´am also looking forward to the new firmware update. But like others here I was hoping for a little more than 24p.

    As you once posted, it can´t be really difficult to add some options like a bigger AEB 5-9 (or like you said the Auto ISO Stop).

    I also wrote this to Canon (Germany) and they replied it will be considered in future… What ever this means!

    Couldn´t you open up a new petition for this like you did for 24p? I would be the first who sign in!