Adobe releases Premiere & Photoshop Element 9

Adobe just announce the release of Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9. I know most of you prefer to use FCP but I think the Premiere product line deserves some visibility, especially since it can work with native H.264 files and is the only viable option for Windows users.

I have not played much with Premiere CS5 but I will give Element a hard try. My fear when working with files in delivery format, such as H.264, is that the color space is not big enough to handle filters without seriously damaging the image quality. So that is what I will be looking at for my test.

It also has a cartoon filter that I am curious about. I played with ToonIt from Red Giant Software a while ago and did not like the result so I hope this one is better.

You can download the trial version here (1.7gig) and the full version is very cheap at 99$.

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  • gutsyheron

    would love to see an in depth review on premiere elements.

    i personally would use finalcut express as a cheap alternative but there is no 24p support :(


  • I bought the new Premiere Elements for just that reason – 24p support. I probably would have gotten it even if it couldn’t work directly with DLSR footage, though that seems to work pretty well. I have an interview I shot yesterday in 24p that I’ll be attempting to edit over the next few days. I ordered a book about Elements 9 to help me figure out just what I’m doing, since I’ve been using FCE up until now. Fingers crossed…

  • Finally got around to trying to edit my project with Premiere Elements. Not too impressed so far. God, I hope Apple updates FCE soon to support 24p and native 5D footage.

    Applying any kind of video effects or transitions often causes the whole clip to need rendering before it will play back. At all. I just applied a couple of color-correcting filters to a clip, found it wouldn’t play, deleted the filters, and it still wouldn’t play! This definitely feels like a beta for Mac, while it may be far more robust on a PC, it being version 9 and all…

  • One more thing is that when you switch into Premiere Elements from another program while using iTunes, it causes iTunes to skip briefly. I guess it’s not a big deal, since often I’m editing both audio and video and can’t be listening to music at the same time, but kind of weird. Further, the menu is pretty lackadaisical – you click on the ‘File’ menu, and it doesn’t open for a good 1.5 seconds. Piss poor.

  • admin

    I had to postpone my review after installing my new SSD but from the few hours I spent on it, I really did not like it.
    They tried to make things so ‘easy’ that it is hard for someone who already knowns FCP to get around. I am probably going to give it another try when I will have some free time.