BeachTek DXA-5D is gone, long live the … ?

If you were thinking about getting a DXA for Christmas, you may want to call Santa first. It seems like the DXA-5D is back order and will be replaced (soon?) by a new product. I contacted BeachTek and the rep told me they have an alternative product coming soon.

Just a small recap, in case you did not watch the article on audio, the main advantage of the DXA-5D was that it was an interface between your mic and the 5D. So the sound was still recorded on the 5D (so no sync issues in post) but with the auto gain control disabled and with the added benefit of being able to monitor your audio while recording.

It is a bit sad because it was part of my top 5 HDSLR shooter wish list for Christmas. Have to find something else now!

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  • Felix

    tu devrais regarder le H4n ( ) si ca ne derange pas trop de resynchroniser le son… c est t en qu a moi la meilleur options d enregistrer le son…et de tres haute qualité en plus ( 24 bit 96khz )

    en plus d etre moins couteux ( 300$ sur ebay ) que les solutions qui se connect directement a la camera

    continue le bon travail !!

    • admin

      Dans un de mes articles passés, je suggérais aussi d’utiliser le H4n. Le problème est vraiment la synchro qui peut prendre du temps et ralentir le workflow lorsque tu travailles avec un court échéancier. Genre assembler 30 séquences de 10 secondes pour dans 2 heures! ;-) J’aime bien aussi l’aspect du DXA qu’il se branche sur la camera, ca fait quelque chose de moins à transporter (ou perdre!).

  • Robert Schultz

    The JuicedLink CX-231 is far better than the DXA-5. You might want to check it out.