Canon 5D firmware update almost confirmed

Canon rumors has a picture from a presentation where we can see the list of features which will be added with the next firmware in March.

The features are:

  • Manual sound recording level & meters
  • Histogram display when shooting in manual mode
  • AV and TV mode for shooting video
  • Increased audio sampling rate to 48k.
  • 24/25 fps at 1080p.

So what does that mean?

First, no 60p720. That really sucks if it is true! I wont talk too much about this simply because everybody must feel the same as I do about it.

On the other hand, the new features are great! Shooting in AV/TV mode is an incredible feature if you need to shoot a subject moving in a variety of exposure and want to maintain a constant look.

While I dont care too much about the audio features, I know a lot of people who will appreciate it.

I kept the histogram for last. If there is one feature that can redeem the lack of 60p720, it has to be this one. While it is impossible to get a perfect exposure by judging the LCD image, using the histogram makes this job ridiculously easy.

What about stills?

Seems like there is nothing new for still photographers. This is a little bit ridiculous. How hard can it be to add a 5-7-9 exposures bracketing or auto ISO limits? Lets just hope there was a second slide to this presentation.

Shipping date

The week of March 17 is the rumored date and fits in the time line I was given (post Olympics) so I tend to believe it. I guess we will see soon enough!

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  • And add to this the release of the Canon FCP plug-in, Redrock Micro microRemote system and other stuff, march will be a GREAT month for HDSLR world!

  • Agreed!, add that bluetooth follow focus and mmmm mmmm good :D.

  • I would love to see an ISO control option using the set button and back dial just like my 1D MKIII It’s so useful. but I think this will be the last firmware update, maybe on the 5d MkIII?