DFocus DSLR mount = follow focus without rails!

D-Focus came up yesterday with a new innovative product: it is a camera plate with an adjustable arm to install a follow focus. Dave calls it the DFocus DSLR mount.


This is a genius idea! This little gadget allows you to use a follow focus with small rigs like the Zacuto Gorilla series without upsetting too much the rig center of gravity.

I have yet to try it out but, from a requirement perspective, this is the product I have been wanting for a while without even thinking about it. No need to carry my indi rails and camera plate anymore!

On a side note, I guess it means I will have to revise my post about the 350$ follow focus rig now. The price got slashed almost in half!

My only complain so far: it should be called the DFocus HDSLR mount…

You can order it here

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