Have you looked at the MagicLantern firmware recently?

Up until two days ago, I did not. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise! Trammel has been working hard and added a few cool features. Some of these will be in the next firmware update, so stay alert.

1080i output from the HDMI out of the camera

Why this is great? Because it allows us to use an external monitor such as those made by Marshall or SmallHD. The cool thing with these monitors is that some of them include special functions to ease focusing by applying a contrast based filter (similar of the highpass filter in photoshop), zooming, display live histogram, etc..

Cool stuff, mostly for people using the 5DMrkII to shoot films since it requires a bigger rig than what I could carry for my wedding jobs.

SMPTE Time code

If you need time code, you will be happy. If you dont, you wont care.


As always, you should understand that if you use the hacked firmware and blow up your camera, I cant be held responsible. The good news is  no one ever complained about an issue with the firmware so far.

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  • Stea4

    What about the Magic Lantern? have you ever installed it?

    • admin

      Havent installed it, yet. Was about to when my main 5d body started to have issues. So I am glad I did not else, the guys at Canon repairs would have said the issue was caused by the firmware or what ever. And now that I am down to a single 5D and have paying jobs, I cant take any risks. Once I get the camera back, I might it try. The thing is that I dont need any of its feature for the stuff I am doing so far. But if I needed controlled rack focus, I would use it right away!