House season finale shot on Canon 5D!

I never watched House, but I know a lot of people do. I am more the Flashforward type of guy. Anyways, I just found out that show director, Greg Yaitanes, revealed on twitter that they shot the season final with the 5D!

This is big. While Saturday Night Live used the 5D before as did some other shows and commercials, this is the first time the camera is used on a big TV production set that is watched by millions (afaik).

While we all know the merits of the camera, it has often been hard to sell its video capabilities to skeptics. Now, the next time someone says HDSLR can only be used for marginal jobs, we have a great show case to point them to.

Looking at all the tweets, I was surprised to see that they stayed with Canon lenses and simple rigs.

The episode airs on May 17th. And I will be watching it!

BTW, kudos to PhotocineNews for spotting this!

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  • In tv serie “24” also they used 5DMkII

    • admin

      Yep, but they dont use it to shoot the whole show. I think House is the first to do it for the whole thing. I should have been more clear…

  • I’ve shot with the 5dMKII on a couple docu projects and am presently shooting nature footage in South FLA with the camera. Shooting reportage style I, naturally, don’t have an assistant, and I’m outdoors where I must rely on batteries. Normally in these situations your right hand is on the pan head handle, you’ve turned on LIVE VIEW with your left hand and now you are focusing with your left hand. Then, when you want to shoot, you must remove your eye from the viewer and your right hand from the pan head handle and turn on the video. Why can’t we have an on/off switch which can be hard-wired to the handle? How about another switch for LIVE VIEW? And… while you’re at it Canon , what about PICTURE CACHE? Picture cache (frame store) would change a whole lotta reportage photographers’ lives. I’m not buying another body until this feature is offered.