More 1DMrkIV news: Behind the scene of Nocturne shooting

Vincent Laforet updated his blog with some interesting content last night.

First, he republished the Nocturne film on various video hosting platform and  added a behind the scene video (available only on his site). Wish it was longer.

Finally, he teases us with a upcoming announcement of another film contest. To all the people who are sponsoring these contest: you know that it is -25 degree outside? Cant you make these contest during the summer?

Hopefully, submission will not have to be exclusive and contestant will be able to submit their films to more than one contest (the other being Can-do fest). I would hate to have to choose between two contests to submit my film to!

With the increasing visibility given to the 1DMrkIV, you can tell that the Canon marketing department is hard at work in the preparation of the release of their new body.

Also, from what I head, the release date of the 1DMrkIV would be after the Olympics. I bet that it is only when the demand for the IV has stabilized that they are going to release the 5DMrkII firmware update. Just a feeling ;-)

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