New Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware release (2.1.2)

Recently Canon update Firmware Version to 2.1.2

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The only thing that new firmware does is optimization of performance with UDMA Mode 7 CF cards (new CF cards released in February 2012 or later)
You can download it here.

Changes made in 2.1.1 version:

1. Fixes a phenomenon where shooting stops after capturing one image when in continuous shooting or the Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) continuous shooting setting.
2. Corrects wording in the Dutch language menu screen.


Version 2.0.9 improvements:

1. Improves writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.
2. Fixes a phenomenon where the IS function will not work when custom function C.Fn III-2 is set to [5: IS start] and the lens attached does not have an AF stop button. This is because custom function C.Fn III-2 allows users to assign IS start to the AF stop button on the lens
3. Corrects misspellings in the menu screens displayed in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai languages.

You can find all upgrades and info on this page.


Post from: Mar 15, 2010:

List of changes (as we already talked about):

  • Adds or changes the following movie frame rates.
    • NTSC:
      * 1920×1080 : 30 fps (changed – actual 29.97 fps)
      * 1920×1080 : 24 fps (added – actual 23.976 fps)
      * 640×480 : 30 fps (changed – actual 29.97 fps)
    • PAL:
      * 1920×1080 : 25 fps (added – actual 25.0 fps)
      * 1920×1080 : 24 fps (added – actual 23.976 fps)
      * 640×480 : 25 fps (added – actual 25.0 fps)
  • Adds a function for manually adjusting the sound recording level (64 levels).
  • Adds a histogram display (brightness or RGB) for shooting movies in manual exposure
  • Adds shutter-priority AE mode (Tv) and aperture-priority AE (Av) mode to the exposure modes for shooting movies
  • Changes the audio sampling frequency from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz.
  • Fixes a phenomenon where communication between the camera and the attached lens is sometimes interrupted after manual sensor cleaning.

So no last minute surprises except for the 30fps which is now 29.97 fps. Small change but I know a few people who will be happy about it. On the other hand I guess they will quickly forget about the 29,97 and shoot at 23,976…

Installing the update right now! Expect a review of the new features very soon. You can also read M Bloom early review right now.

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  • Gerry

    Anyone else having trouble downloading this file?

    I have 50 Mbs download speed with Time Warner, but this file is downloading at only 15k per second.

  • very good… i already update my 5dm2… but what i want is to have 720p at 30fps and the 60i. but is very nice they put manual audio control. its useful… the update works fine for me.. thanks to canon… more update i hope. 5d m2 is the best….

  • Stea4

    How can you shot with manual exposition? I can’t find no menus about.

  • Will shooting in 24p make the low light sensitivity even more mind-blowing? Shooting at a lower framerate would theoretically allow more light to hit each frame, right? Shooting 24p on my HV30 does improve the low light sensitivity considerably. I guess I could just test this myself…perhaps I’ll do that and let you know what I find (unless you answer my query before I get around to testing it…)

  • I just did a very unscientific test and shooting 24p did not seem to affect the low light sensitivity.

  • Just tried editing some footage in FCE, but any way I export it results in choppy footage for portions. Some plays back fine, but about in the middle, things get a bit choppy, even though QT Player assures me it’s still playing back at 24fps. Happens whether I watch from the beginning or start right where the problem begins. Disappointing. I don’t have the $$$ for FCP, so I guess I’m stuck with 30p (which FCE seems to handle all right) for the time being.

  • Aaaaaaand Canon took the file down. Lame. Haven’t they had long enough to beta test it??!!

    • admin

      I think a lot of people are wondering the same thing… My theory about them using an intern might be true after all!