New wireless file transmitter. Should we care?

Canon announced the release of a new file transmitter earlier today. We talked about the earlier version of the product a while ago when reviewing the iPhone application DSLR Remote. At the time, everyone agreed that the WFT was nearly useless for 5DMrkII owners because of its slow transfer speed.

That is why I was quite intrigued to see Canon releasing a newer version of this aging product. You can read the full press release here but here is a summary:

  • uses 811.a,b or G no N! This is a big let down. Sorry Canon but a G network cant handle a trigger happy event shooter! Like with the previous version, the camera uses the CF card as a buffer and send the files over the air as fast as it can. Which is ridiculously slow when you think about the card filling rate of cameras like the 5DMrkII and 1DMrkIV!
  • easier network setup: finally, a lot of people complained about the setup of the previous product. Nice to see improvement in this area.
  • FTP/server mode: allows photographers to connect to the camera with their browser and directly download files from it. Notice that I did not say pictures but files. We we can get video and stills. It also allows the users to control the camera from their browsers. We dont have details about the resolution of the liveview feed but if it is good enough, maybe a laptop could be used as a wireless camera monitor! Then again, lets not get too excited, I am sure the resolution will be 640×480 or lower…
  • EOS utility: similar to server mode but uses ESO utility instead of a browser.
  • Camera linking: allows you to remotely trigger a bunch of camera when you take a picture with the ‘master’ camera. I see this as being of marginal use, unless it can also be used to start/stop movie recording. Then it would be incredibly useful in a multicam setup.
  • USB Host: For me, this is the big thing. A USB connector allows you to plug a GPS or.. a USD hard drive! I can clearly see myself use this with a G-raid Mini and shoot all day while never having to worry about data security and filling my cards! Lets hope the USB plug is sturdy enough so the cable can hold.
  • Presentation stuff: plug-play into some presentation stuff. Seriously, who cares?

And now the price… 700$ Is it worth it? Unless you really need one of its features (like the USB host), I think it is wise to pass.

As most of you know, news products generally mean new firmware coming up soon too! Lets all cross out fingers and whisper 24p/50p!

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