Selling/Trading my 24mm TSE


While I love this lens, I dont use it enough to justify its presence in my lens box.


I am willing to sell it for 900$ + shipping or to trade it for a :

Or any other expensive primes (24L,35L,50L,85L) I don’t already have (I can put some cash to even the deal).

As you can see, the lens is used and the paint has chipped at a lot of spot but the optic is perfect. Actually, I would rate this lens as A1 if it was not for its cosmetic issues. Of course, it is out of warranty. You can click on the picture above to see a much bigger version of the image.

Since I have had all the problems you can imagine with CAN-US customs, I will only trade with people in Canada but can sell to anyone that is not from Nigeria…

Here is a quick video I made with this lens a while ago.

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