Tested the D3s last night!

Just a quick heads up to say that I will post tonight a short test clip I did last night with the D3s at ridiculous ISO setting (ISO 25-102k). My only comment is “wow!”. Even with a f2.8 aperture, the camera was able to see stuff that my eyes could not! Imagine how it will perform with a ‘real’ low light lens!

More on this tonight once I have imported everything.

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  • OMG! I can’t believe you wrote this post on the day I’m starting to think about moving to Nikon. I really can’t wait to read what you have to say about it. Great!! :))

    • admin

      My review is going to be coming soon, maybe not tonight since I have some important stuff to take care off first. But dont think about switching to Nikon just yet! The D3s will not be available to the general public until a few months… Also, in two weeks I should have a 1DMrkIV to test…

  • Uh! You’re putting it harder now :S You know, it is not an easy decision, but I am having huge problems with the focus with 5D, problems that Nikon seem to have solved.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your concern. No rush, we’ll be here tomorrow yet ;)

  • Hi again! I know it may sound a bot off topic question but, did you notice a big difference when it comes to focus with de Canon 5D?

    Thanks!! :)

    • admin

      Well, there is no comparisons. Until the arrival of the 7D, only the Canon 1D camera series had decent AF. Now with the 7D Canon has a system that is on part with the non pro level line of Nikon camera.
      All the single digit pro body, both from Nikon and Canon, have incredible AF compared to the other bodies. I find the AF of the 5DMrkII to be closer to the prosummer Nikon bodies than to the pro/semi pro line.
      Basically, if you need very fast and effective AF, use a Canon 1D or pro Nikon body. If you want good AF, go with the 7D or any non amateur Nikon. I judge very severely Canon AF simply because it has failed me so many time in the past.

      Just to be fair to the 5D, the D3s has about 5 times more AF points. So it is expected to be better!

  • Thanks a lot, my friend!! :)