We have a sponsor: D|Focus !

About a month ago, I made the decision to put some advertisement on the site. While I do not want the site to become bloated with ads, it is nice to get some money to pay the various expenses related to the blog. Trust me, there are more than you can think of!

This being said, I am happy to announce our first, sponsor: D|Focus System. If you have been reading the blog for some time, you surely know about Dave and his very affordable follow focus solution. Since my first post about it, ages ago, things have been moving well at the D|Focus system shop and they have come up with a few news products, namely:

I hear you saying: ” What? A v2! I already have the original model, is there a way to upgrade it at a lower cost?” Of course there is! Check this page.

I am very excited to have D|Focus system as a site sponsor. I have been a customer since day 1 and followed the evolution of their product line ever since. By selling products that anyone can afford, they put all the tools in the hand of the creative folks no matter how deep their pockets are.

So, if you need a follow focus or lens gear, visit their store.

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