1000fps using only Final Cut Studio

Patrick from CrumplePop (btw go check their products) just sent me info about his workflow to achieve ridiculous slow motion effect without using Twixtor. The process is quite simple: shooting at 60fps and retiming in Motion using optical flow then play back the clip at 24fps.

and the result:

I have to admit the results are pretty good. I tested OF a while a go (at a much more reasonable fps) and did not like the results. Probably I was using sub optimal footage.

Has Patrick said in his blog post, using a tripod and a simple (and static) background is key here.

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  • Thanks for sharing.. Will be testing this out, looks legit.


    • admin

      If you get anything interested, feel free to link to it in the comments ;-)

  • Peter

    I tested it right away on a school project I had to do this week … Pretty cool trick, only some movemens come out pretty weird. But if you pay attention to that, it’s a great solution!

    Thanks for the tip!
    Check it out!


  • I gave this a try: 50fps, 1/1000 shutter, 800 ISO
    reduced speed to 10%

    I know that I should have found more light to up the shutter and down the ISO
    My end result was funny yet promising.
    however some of the frames had overlapped motion blur and others seemed to jump,
    also it looked like there was a heat wave during some of the movement causing items in the background to appear to also have motion blur.
    Will post a snippet of the clip on vimeo soon

  • moe

    Thanks for the tutorial it looks great. But I shot on a panasonic hvx and shot 720 60p and when I look at it it has a frame rate of 23.98. Is there a way to bring it in at 59.98 or 60? Or will I be able to get the same result at 23.98. I haven’t been successful yet but am still trying.

    • admin

      Did you try Cinema tool? It is part of the FCS suite. You can set the playback framerate directly in the file metadata. I never had his issue but that it what I would try first…

  • Do you have to conform the clip to a 24p timeline in cinema tools, or can you just drop it into a 60p tineline and retime it to 40%?

  • moe

    I tried cinema tools and it didn’t give me the option for anything over 30fps. If I change the timeline to 60 and then try to run motion it looks jumpy. I am not sure but I think it must copy frames to go to 60 instead of using true 60p. I am really stumped and not sure why I can’t change it.