False Manual Video control advertisement from Canon?

Hudson, from the cinema5D forum made an interesting discovery while reading the Canon 5DMrkII white paper (yep, some people really read these things). Look at page 14 the in the middle of the page you will see this:


If you read the whole thread you will see that they have tried to contact Canon to have some explanations. Canon reply was quite sketchy and would probably not hold very long in court.

Hence the rumors of class action for false advertisement. It seems like some people dont understand the meaning of the word control. Going this route would probably be the easiest way for Canon 5DMrkII owners to get a firmware update that would allow real manual control.

In case you are reading this Canon, control means that I could pick the ISO, aperture and Shutter speed that we want. Actually, if you give us aperture and ISO we can live without the shutter speed.

So now is time for action guys! If you live in the US contact one of these ambulance chaser lawyer, if you are from the rest of the world (Google Analytics tells me that you are 65% of my visitors) click on the Digg link to bring more people to the cause or join the cinema5D forum and sign the petition.

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