Get Aperture on the AppStore for 80$!

In case you did not know, the Apple App Store is now available (need to update OSX first) and there are some great deals! The best of these, from what I have found so far, is Aperture for only 80$! While I am now a converted LightRoom user, I can tell you one thing: at this price point Aperture is a much better value for the budget conscious photographer.

Looking at the top paid app chart, it seems like I am not the only one thinking this!

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  • Jorge

    Don’t Use Aperture. Get Lightroom. And this is coming from a long, long time apple user, and shareholder (thousands of shares since 1987). I tried it once, and even if Apple gave it to me I still wouldn’t use it.
    Sorry Apple. I must draw the line, but LR just kicks your butt.

    • admin

      You are a bit harsh on Aperture. While I totally agree that LR is superior for most photo editing tasks, Aperture has some very specific better features (I prefer the way it handles brush adjustement) and the book creation options are very good.

      The biggest issue I have with Aperture is how slow it is for certain tasks (as in Face detection and import), but still for people who cant afford LR, it is a better alternative than iPhoto.

  • Phillip Gibb

    yeah that was amazing. It was my first purchace and it saved me about 1500 bucks in my currency (2/3rds of the price).
    could not have come at a better time – a few weeks after I got my Canon 550D :)