LCDVF, one product, two prices?

I have been aware of fake viewfinders (LCDVF and z-finder) on the market for a while but the sellers were mostly advertising on eBay or Craigslist and the products they were selling were cheap copies. Until recently.

Look at the two view finder above. One is the real LCDVF sold on BH website (right) and the other is a fake/replica (left) sold on Amazon. The replica is built by Meike.

From what I have gathered over the net, these are identical products in specs and manufacturing. They even seem to come out of the same factory in Poland! The difference? The price, the replica is much cheaper. Actually, if both products are identical, can we rally call the non official version a replica? There is surely a good story behind this.

So pick the one you like, one thing is for sure: both are cheaper than the z-alternative and work fine with the current generation of camera LCD!

If you happen to buy the replica, please leave a comment to confirm if it is identical to the official model or not.

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  • JD

    One thing that sometimes happens with outsourced manufacturing is the manufacturer might sell them “out of channel” despite the product not being something they can sell, legally or contractually. It might be a violation of a manufacturing contract. I imagine there’s a chance some employees might be stealing and selling the items on the sly.

  • Luke Kwan

    Do you have a both versions to compare side by side? how can you tell y are 100% identical other than looking at the stock photos they both use?

    can you post detailed pics of both showing the difference in optics and build quaility?

  • admin

    Nope, that is why I said ‘From what I have gathered over the net’. The fake LCDVF I have seen (in person) where quite cheap and it was easy to tell they were replica, it does not seem to be the case with this one.

    Still, I hope someone can confirm this or not for the our benefit.

  • i have found two different agruments on the fake lcdvf.

    Some say that the fake is very poor in quality and others state, that it is almost indistinguishable!

    Not sure whom to believe.

    • admin

      Luke=> I know! That is why I believe there are more than one factories making these copies. So it is really a case for caveat emptor!

  • Andrius Simutis

    The fakes use a different lens. Besides the quality difference is there no concern for ethics?

  • admin

    Are you sure about this? From what I have read, they are the same. Same as in made in the same factory and sold by the same person under two different names…

    Do you have a link that shows the difference? Because I have a few saying they are identical so I would love to get to the bottom of this story!