Need Adobe LightRoom? Here is a 50% rebate from Adorama!

I usually try not to write article to promote a specific rebate (since I receive these kinds of email almost daily) but here is one that may interest a lot of you: Adorama is selling LightRoom 3 at 50% off! This is a time limited deal, so think fast!

While it is still twice as expensive as Aperture, if you have been considering joining the Adobe wagon, it could be the perfect time!

I switched to LR more than a year ago and I am quite happy about the move. While I think Aperture has better curve controls, for the rest LR is much better.

Here is the link

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  • Editorguy

    “While I think Aperture has better curve controls, for the rest LR is much better.”
    Hmmmmm, that is a pretty biased statement…..I believe Lightroom and Aperture are pretty much equal in most respects, so if you are not offering proof of your statement that “LR is much better” you probably should not make such a bold claim……

    • admin

      If you look in the archive, I wrote a few times about Aperture vs LR. While I would love to love Aperture, I can’t. While it is not slow anymore, it is still slower than LR for example. Also, the file import process in LR is more customizable. There are countless other small things like these that push LR in front of Aperture. Every few month Adobe pushes a new LR update while Aperture has been in maintenance mode for a while now. The only thing Aperture has for it is its price and likeness to iPhoto, which make it the perfect upgrade for prosumers. But not for pro.

      Am I a LR fan boy? Not really. IMHO the best RAW editing software is Capture One, even more so since its latest version (go check its feature). The only reason why I am not switching to it is that I have everything setup for LR right now and I don’t have time to manage another switch.