Something I shot: Bridal Boudoir Affair 2010

Here is a video I shot during the Bridal Boudoir Affair 2010 event with my friend Robert and his crew.

I only did the shooting, Robert did the amazing editing job, as usual. I took care of all the closeups and macro shots, mostly with the 100L2.8IS Macro and I am very happy Robert managed to put so many of these in the final edit. I think I could have shot the whole show with it!

It was the first time I did a gig without bringing my Pelican 1510 Case and I will never do it again. The whole day, I was worried about leaving my gear unattended. If I had had my case, I could just have locked and secure it and would have been worried free…

In the end, the only thing I lost was a memory card and it was because of my own stupidity. Still, it was an awesome day and I have a feeling you will see more boudoir stuff from us soon!

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