Technicolor released the Color compatible LUT file

Thanks again to my friend Robert Cato for pointing to me that Technicolor has added an Apple Color compatible LUT file for their S-Curve LUT. It means you no longer have to use the LUT buddy plugin. It makes using Technicolor picture style even easier which adds another reason why you should be shooting with it!

You can get the file here.

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  • I downloaded this update the other day and no doubt will make use of it in Color, but still keeping my LUT buddy from Red Giant though in case I need it in another application. Also the free Colorista plugin works great with FCP if I don’t need to go to color depending on the situtation.

  • Carlos

    So how do i use the file in FCP if i no longer have to use the buddy plug-in?

    • admin

      You load it in Color. I will make a small video tutorial tonight. First time the sun is out in like 6 days, so I am taking a day off the computer!