The Story behing the Still: Contest is open!

The contest is now open. You can read the rules here.

The prizes are quite good: the choice between a 5DMrkII and a 7D, a lens (selected from a long list), a few days to shoot with Vincent and a year subscription at Vimeo. I dont know who made the prize list but I would like to know why someone would pick a 7D over a 5D! You could get the 5D, sell it, get the 7D and you would be left with some change. Even worst, the lens selection includes lenses ranging in prices from 700$ to almost 5000$. Who would be stupid enough to pick the 700$ lens (EF 15mm2.8) when you can have a 300L2.8?

Dont get me wrong, I think these prizes are awesome (especially the days with Vincent!) I just wonder how long the guy who made the prize list thought about it.


Now that we look at the prizes, we can somewhat guess the reasons about the US only restriction: the plane trip to see Vincent. I am sure this is the part that complexity everything for the lawyers. It is quite sad because I had a good idea and there is a building that looks exactly like the ending still near my loft…

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    Vimeo, Canon Hold “Total Rights Grab” Canon HD Video Contest
    Shame on Canon, Vimeo, Vincent LaForet and all the judges for supporting a contest in which all owners of copyright of video submissions have to agree to transfer their copyright to Canon. Here is the offensive language:

    the copyright in and to the complete work shall rest with Canon.

    Always read contest materials carefully. This has been going on for years with many different contests and Vimeo/Canon’s “Story Behind the Still, HD Video Contest” is a total rights grab of all contest submissions. That’s right photo-videographers, for the potential of winning a $3000 piece of equipment, you agree to give up all rights to your video. Hmmmm, let’s see, last time I checked it would cost Canon at least $40,000 to do something like this, and do it dirt cheap. Canon/Vimeo not only get to use one video to promote their products, THEY GET TO USE EACH AND EVERY ENTRY….. FOREVER!!!!

    Below is the contract language that transfers copyright to Canon:

    4. LICENSE

    As is noted above, in addition to these Official Rules, all Entrants and their Submissions are subject to the Website’s Terms of Service, specifically including (but not limited to) the Video Uploads section found therein. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following modifications to the Terms of Service (among others found throughout these Official Rules) shall apply to Submissions to the Contest:

    The licenses granted in and to Contest Submissions shall extend to Vimeo and Canon; the licenses granted to users of the Website shall extend to users of any website of Vimeo’s or Canon’s choosing;
    The license to create derivative works shall extend to the right to incorporate Submissions into a larger audio-visual work; the copyright in and to the complete work shall rest with Canon.
    The entitlement to use Submissions for promotional purposes shall be unrestricted, and shall extend to Vimeo and Canon;
    Contest Submissions shall not be removable by Entrants and, accordingly, the license granted in and to Submissions shall be non-revocable and perpetual.