Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect for FCP3 filter (free!)

So you want to create a miniature effect like this :

Without having to buy one of these:

Easy! just download the (free for this week!) ShrinkRay plugin from Crumple Pop. Even if you don’t own FCP3 now, get it in case you decide to buy it later on! They also have a few other cool free FCP plugins, pay them a visit.

I prefer using this plugin to the Photoshop action filter because (1) I dont have to go into photoshop and (2) the controls are easier to manage.

Thanks to FinalCut Montreal for pointing out this promotion.

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  • That’s pretty cool, at first I thought it would have been a slide show and that you can do a fake-tilt shift with lens blur, but since it’s video I can see the use of a filter in FinalCutPro! Cool, but yea to have an actual tilt-shift lens would be pretty fun too!

    • admin

      It is always better to do these kind of thing in camera, especially since faking tilt-shift does not work for every subjects. Still, it is one more tool in the box when you dont have a TS-E with you!