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Slider review: The Cinemover

As long time readers will know, I have been trying to build a slider rig for a while with varying level of success. This is in this context that I was approached by Move Your Camera to do a review of their product. Priced under 90$, it really looked like a deal. Lets see how well it performs. Setup As ...

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Could an Oscar winning film be shot on a 5DMrkII?


Yes it could happen! The French film, “La guerre est declaree" which is representing France in the “foreign" category was shot on a 5DMrkII and, from what I have read, a single camera! This is pretty huge when you come to think about it. Vincent Laforet said a few years ago how the HDSLR where game changers. I think we ...

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Canon EOS 1D X review


The news is out and I wont bother retyping all the specs as I am sure you read them already. Instead, I would like to go over some of the points to see what this announcement really means for both photographer and videographers. As a photographer Nothing surprising here: improved ISO, shutter speed, less noise, more and faster focus points ...

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Protect your Canon 5D mini-HDMI input & cable

One of the problem of shooting with the 5D and other members of its family is the mini-HDMI port. While it is technically usable, when you are in the field, you quickly realize how precarious the wire is plugged into the mini-HDMI slot. I worked on a prototype product that was supposed to solve this issue a while ago but ...

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Building a DIY slider: advices

Slider wheels

Last week, I decided it was time for me to get back into my workshop and (finally) build a slider using my RigWheels. Right off the bat, I knew this was a prototype; the goal was to figure out the various pitfall of such a project so my next one would be perfect since I would have learned from my ...

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Need Adobe LightRoom? Here is a 50% rebate from Adorama!

I usually try not to write article to promote a specific rebate (since I receive these kinds of email almost daily) but here is one that may interest a lot of you: Adorama is selling LightRoom 3 at 50% off! This is a time limited deal, so think fast! While it is still twice as expensive as Aperture, if you ...

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Review: Polaroid Battery grip


Since I used to use my 5DMrkII mostly to shoot video or take architectural pictures, I did not feel like I needed to buy a battery grip. Especially since the one sold by Canon has a prohibitive price. But now that I have resumed shooting stills in a semi-serious way and most of my shots are portraits, I decided I ...

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LockCircle Making of video

Do you know what the LockCircle is? It is a metal body cap for your camera EF mount which replaces the cheap plastic one provided by Canon. Useless accessory? Maybe, maybe not but one thing for sure: it is expensive at about 100$. As some of you know, I have trie in the past to have some specific HDSLR parts ...

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DIY Alert: RigsWheels are on sale!

To all the DIYers out there, RigWheels is currently having a sale so it may be a good opportuinity to get a set of wheels for your slider. The rebate is around 15%. I have been playing with the RigWheels for a while now and my conclusion is simple: if you want to buildyour own slider BUT value your time, ...

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Adobe Premiere rebate: from rumor to reality

Seems like, for once, I got a good source for my rumors! As I talked you about 2 days ago, Adobe went into fifth gear in its assault on FCPX today with the launch of their marketing campaign by putting the focus on the pro market. Will it work? I pretty sure it will! The deal is excellent since you ...

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Don’t switch to Adobe CS just yet!

With the FCPX debacle, a lot of people jumped ship prematurely based on their emotions instead of sound reasoning. And, as most decision based on emotions, it is a bad choice, here is why: First, the old and trusty FCP7 is still as good as it was two weeks ago. So, if FCP7 was good for you, it is still ...

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