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Exposure control videos from Bruce Dorn

Bruce released 3 very informative video on his website about how you can control the exposure of the Canon 5DMarkII using neutral density filters. The principle is simple: if there is too much light, the camera will close the aperture, which in turn will increase the depth of field. The solution is to use the filters to reduce the amount ...

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Manual focus confirmation

This is something written in the manual, but I have noticed that few people know about it, and even less read the manual. So I thought it would be a good idea to write about it. When you are in manual focus mode, if you half-press the shutter button, the camera will beep and highlight the squares that are in ...

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Canon 5DMrkII video mode tutorial (video)

I saw this gem on Vimeo. While it does lack some production quality, it is a very good primer and first time video tutorial for anyone who just pull his 5DMkII out of the box. How To Use Video Mode on the Canon 5D MK II from Tyler Ginter on Vimeo.

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Where should you upload your video?

With the increasing number of 5D owners (ok Nikonist, D90 owners too!), we have to expect the number of high def movies to increase dramatically in 2009. In fact, I am certain that most of the quality video content of 2009 will be shot in 35mm. Would it be a D-SLR or a DV cam with a 35mm adapter. So, ...

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Another ‘official’ 5D video from Canon

There is another behind the scene video on the Canon USA website about the 5DMarkII. This time, it is with Bruce Dorn (famous wedding photographer). While the production quality is not as good as with Reverie, it is very informative to see how he works and his setup. Warning: you might be subject to gear lust.

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Reverie Video

The home page of Vincent Laforet is now hosting the famous Reverie video which started all the buzz about the 5dMarkII. There is also a discussion with Vincent about the production of the video on the Canon site too.

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