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New Canon Mini D-SLR?

Rumor has it that Canon, Inc. is working on a new D-SLR that will be the smallest and lightest yet. Based on breaking news from CanonWatch, the “super-small D-SLR” will be a cross between the EOS M and the EOS 650D. The alleged features include an 18 megapixel sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor, touchscreen, 9 focusing points, new hybrid CMOS auto-focus, ...

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Using Exposure Compensation to Correct Camera Metering Issues

spot metering

Your camera has its own internal metering device that receives information Through The Lens (TTL). Its method of processing information is based on the metering mode that you choose. Four popular metering modes include: spot metering, center-weighted metering, partial metering and evaluative (matrix) metering. Each mode takes an average reading across a certain area of the scene, however evaluative metering ...

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Take Sharper Photos by Preventing Camera Shake


There’s nothing more upsetting than aiming for a shot and spoiling it due to shaking the camera — especially if you only have one chance. If there’s nothing in a photo that is sharp, then everything is out of focus and this is enough proof that the image may have suffered the effects of camera shake. You may say, “Hold ...

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Digital Photo Buzz (DPB) Adobe Lightroom Presets: Weddings, Portraits and Instagram (Like)


Lightroom presets can really give you a headstart on tweaking the look of your images, and in some cases even changing the mood. There are tons of presets around for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Digital Photo Buzz (DPB) has some decent samples. Three packages are available: 25 Essential Wedding Presets, 19 Instagram Like Presets and 26 Ultimate Portrait Presets. That’s ...

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Make your WordPress photo/video site impressive with premium plugins


Having a great looking website (portfolio) is absolutely important, but there are features and add-ons that you may need to complement this great design through the use of professional plugins. It’s imperative that whatever plugin that you use on your WordPress website won’t significantly increase the loading time of your site. As you know, visitors hate to wait long for ...

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‘Black Friday’ shopping spree for photographers

Photographers now have a wild access to the best deals of the year. Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season and we are currently in the Black Friday Week leading up to Friday, November 23. The specials extend into Cyber Monday, November 26. D-SLRs, lenses, flashguns/speedlights, memory cards and all sorts of accessories will be available at ...

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François Vendiol: ‘Looking on the Brighter Side of Life’

In the 80’s, 5-year-old Francois was having fun taking pictures of animals and other subjects around his home with his Father’s Polaroid camera. His early memories are filled with images of adventures, including those of Africa where he visited with his parents. In the ancient French city of Nimes, Francois experienced an exotic, imaginative and unusual time growing up. As ...

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