Aperture 3 features Wish List


Now that Final Cut Studio 3 is out, lets talk (and guess) about what we will find in the upcoming Aperture update.

I have been an Aperture user since day 1. In version 1, is was revolutionary but slow. V1.5 brought a nice speed boost and V2 introduced a few new tools and the plugin architecture. So what should we expect for v3?

First, meta tagging has to be improved as I talk about it a while ago. I am so frustrated about the tagging system that I am not tagging as much as I used to, which is a bad thing since it is one of the reasons why I picked Aperture instead of Lightroom in the first place… In fact, improvements to the tagging functionality has been so slow that I expect it to be one of the focal point of v3 with the release of automatic tagging of pictures which was started in the latest iPhoto update.

Aside from tagging, I am expecting better control over the edit tools since Aperture is so far behind Lightroom in this regard. For example, the vignette tool should allow us to pick the corners we want to vignette and its color, we should be able to do selective masking, etc… Playing with Capture One really opened my eyes on what Aperture was missing regarding RAW decoding and non destructive editing.

It would also be great to have the concept of presets applied not only at the individual panel level but as a group. Right now, if I want to give my picture a cross-process look, I have to lift-stamp from another picture which already has the desired settings. This is just inefficient and can’t work while tethering.

I have been testing various RAW decoding software in the last few weeks and Aperture is so far behind the others, it is sad to see. The only reason why I am not jumping ship is that I am expecting a big update soon.

It is also worth noticing that LightRoom updates have historically closely followed the ones from Aperture. I would not be surprised to see an update coming from Adobe a few days after the one from Apple.

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