iPhone App: The Best Camera

I have always been a big fan of Chase Jarvis. The guy has style, shoot cool things (like Ninjas!) and is really engaged with the community.

So, as soon as I read about him releasing an iPhone app I knew it would be something cool and different. Basically, it replaces your ‘normal’ camera with a twist. Actually, two twists!

First it gives you a few (12) filters to apply to your picture, some classics (B&W) and some others more creative. While the effects are cool, this is not the first camera app to have these so lets move to the other cool feature: the social dimension.

With a single tap you can share your picture on various networks (Facebook, Twitter, email and thebestcamera.com). Actually, you can spam all these network with your pictures with a single tap. If you have nothing to do or need some inspiration, you can tap on the globe icon to see pictures taken by others. I just wasted a few minutes doing so and found a few very creative ones that made me feel like a very bad photographer… I think this is the most interesting part of the app. You can leave it open and pictures are going to fade/fade out in turns.

My only complain is that it does not use the geo location service. Since I use my iPhone camera mostly when doing recon for shoots, if I want to edit a picture before sending it to someone, I have to shoot it with the standard camera, then load it in The Best Camera.

I think the message Chase is getting is message across: the best camera is the one you have with you.

You can get the app here

Chase back his claim by releasing a book displaying pictures he has taken with his iPhone. I guess he got the idea of this when he was tired of carrying his Hasselblad around…

Get the book here

By the way, anyone knows about a good camera app for taking recon shots? Something with geotagging, maps and voice notes would be perfect!

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