Looking for batteries and popularity of the Canon 5D MarkII

I don’t know how things are going for you guys but I have been hunting for 5D Mark II batteries for a while. A little bit frustrated, I went to one of the big camera store in Montreal and decided to have a talk with one of the rep to understand what was going on.

After the initial “Canon cant ship them fast enough” predictable explanation, we diverged subject and we talked about the Canon 5D Mark II and its impact on the photographer/videographer market. According to the guy, the bodies are out of stock not as much because a lot of people are ordering them but because people who do order them order a lot of them! He talked about a producer who got 10 bodies to shoot a tv show and it seems like many others are buying them in batch of 2-3.

And guess what? These guys are getting batteries too! For each camera they buy, they get between 4 and 10 batteries! With numbers like these, it is no wonders that we have not been able to grab these batteries. If you are working mostly inside, a better alternative to managing countless batteries is to get the Canon ACK-E6AC.

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  • Don’t know if you have one in the area but my local best buy has about 8 of them in stock even after I got quite a few earlier this week …

    • admin

      Of course, I made a post about this and get a call from the store telling me they got my package! They must have received a lot of them since I was number 20 something on the list and people ordered more than one each. It is either luck or Canon is finally able to meet the demand!

      BTW, we have Best Buy but they dont carry the 5D Mark II (at least, the one I checked).

  • I also had a hard time finding batteries (I was lucky enough to even get the camera) and on B&H they were backordered (of course) so I had them notify me when it came in. I went to all the pro photo shops in town, best buy, etc and no one had them. I ended up getting an email from B&H and grabbed an extra while I could. I suggest doing the ‘notify me’ and jumping on it when the oppurtunity arrises again.