Canon EOS-1D X EURO 2012 – Sample shots

A few days ago, we got the chance to use a brand new Canon EOS-1D X with the new Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM II and Canon EF 500mm f/4.0 L IS USM II lenses to shot at EURO 2012 soccer matches.

We are familiar with using the Canon 7D for sports photography — which is great — but the 1D X is a star-ship compared to it.

You may certainly say that the 1D X is in a class of its own. The speed of this DSLR is amazing! By speed we don’t only mean shutter speed and auto focus, but also the response speed of the interface.

Below are 100% crops (600×600 pixels). The thumbnails of the original (non-cropped) images can be viewed in the top left corner just to give you an idea of how small the part of the full-sized photo is that you are looking at.

Photos are directly from the camera (i.e. without any post processing). DSLR Settings were: without noise reduction (NR set to OFF) and sharpness set to 4 from 7.


Canon 1D X, EF 500mm L f/4.0, 1/1000, ISO 3200, f/4 Original Photo


Canon 1D X, EF 500mm L f/4.0, 1/1000, ISO 3200, f/4 Original Photo


Canon 1D X, EF 200mm, 1/640, ISO 2000, f/4 Original Photo


Canon 1D X, EF 500mm L f/4.0, 1/1000, ISO 3200, f/4 Original Photo

Download full size (5184×3456) JPG images compressed in RAR here

Not to mention that the 1D X can capture 12 fps vs the 7D’s 8 fps, which is so fast that you won’t miss a thing! For instance, with the 1D X you can capture 3 photos of a player heading the soccer ball compared with 1 photo on a 7d.  The AF is also much faster than on the 7D, so you can get a better chance of getting your images focused in a shorter amount of time.


EOS 1D X with 500mm f/4L IS USM II
EOS 1D X with 500mm f/4L IS USM II Original Photo
EOS 1D X with 500mm f/4L IS USM II
EOS 1D X with 500mm f/4L IS USM II Original Photo

Enjoy the full resolution JPEG sample photos here: Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM II and Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM II)

Check out rest of the 1DX pictures on KL-photo facebook page.

About ivan

Ivan is a freelance photographer, an adventure traveler and a car enthusiast. Besides driving all around the continent and taking car shots, he enjoys action photography and has been a part of many sporting events in Europe.

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  • Kenk

    if that´s 3200 iso crap. i´ll stick with my 5d2 and 7d..lots of money saved, thankyou verymuch.

    • Kenk I’m not sure, if you understood that this is 100% 600 x 600px crop and as such it looks pretty amazing to me. 
      Check small picture, to get idea how small portion of that picture is cropped on image above. 

  • Friend in USA

    Thank you. These are greatly appreciated.

  • Kris Mallon

    I think i´ll have to agree with kenk here (it aint crap though but when u consider the price and advancements in sensor tech, it´s simply not up to the hype),
     those pics except the 2000 iso one looks like too much noise reduction going on, looks like the water colour effect i used to get with my sony cams before i moved to Canon,Autofocus apart my 5Dmk2 will do better in terms of details and sharpness than this. and i bet a 5Dmk3 will be the better pick .
    those pics have a definite speckled look rather than grainy noise on the 5d Mk2 (which i think looks more natural and retains more detail).

    i guess 5D Mk3 will be tough to beat for the price and capability it offer.1dx DOA ?or canon shot themselves in the foot with the amazing 5D3? time will tell

    • You are right, time will show that. We will try to make few more tests, and sample shots while we still have hands on 1D X.
      Thanks for comment Kris.

  • Sean Mason

    wow, that one of the Irish girl is amazing. 

  • Jhayesvw

    I think the photos are very good considering the amount of crop. I think a 7d would be hard pressed to come close to it. But at 3x the cost the 1dx better do more than the 7d. 
    With that said, the 1.6 crop factor of the 7d would not require nearly as much cropping to get the faces of the players, but then you wouldn’t get the whole player in the shot.
    But you could get by with a 300 2.8 over a 500 f4 to get a similar FOV. I would like a 1dx but for the money a 7d is HARD to beat. However the 5d3 looks like the best overall camera Canon has for the money.

  • Stefan

    way too much “digital look” in all the images displayed here, looks quite artificial

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  • Mike Thompson

    Thanks for posting the images. It’s difficult to make much of a 100% crop of a .jpg image shot at this ISO although it appears as someone mentioned that some NR was being applied. It would be interesting to see what it would look like if you pushed the ISO a bit to see how the sensor is really performing. From what you posted, it appears that the camera was metering/focusing accurately. How would you characterize the light? Were the stadium lights on? From these images I am hard pressed to see how this camera would blow my 1dmkIII or IV out of the water (apart from size/resolution) but would appreciate your impressions.

    • Mike. NR was not applied on this photos, lights were on.
      Pushed ISO is here:
      I don’t think that 1D X blows 1D mk III or IV out of the water. It has its advantages, little steps forward I like how Canon changes what bugs people the most …
      In terms of ISO I believe this camera outperforms anything I saw so far on the market. I believe DXO will show some stuff as well…

  • I don’t like JPG’s from the camera. But I must say sometimes you have not the time to prost-process it. So, well, I find them pretty usable, not very good. But it makes me thinking the CR2 must be awesome

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