Canon 5D Mark II Audio Exposed: Video Review

Jon Fairhurst made an excellent review of various audio devices you can use with the 5D MrkII. While the video are a few weeks old, I just discovered them (shame on me). Fortunately, the timing is perfect since I am looking at a complementary audio solution to my Sennheiser MKE 400 which I plug directly in the 5DMrkII.

Speaking of this mic, I challenge anyone to find a better shotgun mic at the same price and size. I love it!

The review is divided in six part and I have included them all in this post to save you some clicking time.

The reviewed units are:

Long time blog reader might remember Jon Fairhurst as the creator of the clip ‘The last outpost‘ which we talked about a while ago.

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  • Awesome videos. This really clears up very many questions…

    Jonathan Martinez

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  • roberto

    Can you put the 5D mark II on a tripod, with the juicedlink cx 231 attached to the camera? How?

    • admin

      Yes. The product description says:
      • Mounts to bottom of camcorder
      • Mounts to top of tripod

  • roberto

    If we use the JucedLink CX231, do we have to sync the audio, or it goes directly into the camera?
    Thank You!

    • admin

      Like the BeachTek, it goes straight into the camera, so no sync issues.

  • David Hogsholt

    Does anyone here know the specific level of the mic in of the 5D2. I am trying to have a padded cable made to spec to take a Sound Devices line level to the cams mic level, but not sure how much padding is needed.
    Mixer is a Mixpre and the intention is to go from line level XLRs to cam – not tape out, which Mixpre also offers.

    All best,

  • phcphcphcphc

    Thanks for testing out these options.
    I have the Zomm h4 myself.
    I miss one thing.
    How does these external recorders options compare to just using an external mic straight to the Canon 5d mk2?

    •  You get backup copy. More customization options, option to have more mics (interview). You can always test and see if direct input satisfies you and if not happy then you might consider any of devices to help you out.

      • phcphcphcphc

        I was thinking in terms of audio quality only.
        What is the noise difference in using the same mic directly on the 5D compared to using it on an external divise?


        2012/4/24 Disqus

        • Camera it self has ability to only record 16-bit/44.1kHz Linear PCM audio.
          For example Zoom H4n records WAV audio files with sample rates from 44.1kHz/16bit to 96kHz/24bit

          So I guess that alone answers your question. Quality is much better using external devices + you get much more with it as said.

          I do think that it is important to have headphone jack for monitoring. You have much more control over audio with external devices.

        • I had to add one more thing I forgot. Pre-amp noise is much louder in camera it self, so if you want best quality audio you should use external audio recorders …