IndiSLIDER Mini Review

This is a post from our contributor Jeremy. Regarding my slider, well.. I am still working on it. Getting my electronic slider working has to be my longest project ever! Stay tuned!

I have recently purchased an IndiSYSTEM – IndiSLIDER Mini and as much as I want to say I am in seventh heaven with the thing, it has its fall backs. I know that to go truly “pro” you have to dish out some major money to get a rig that feels like it is solid and worth every penny. Being on a tight budget, and watching other reviews online I went ahead and purchased the deluxe version for under $200. It is a pretty solid piece of equipment. I purchased this piece before purchasing a full blown video tripod and that is a mistake. It nearly tipped my Targus tripod over, and getting a smooth slide was impossible. So for a while I was left with using the legs that came with the slider to get some of the shots I needed.


Sliders are really made for one purpose, and the IndiSlider Mini does it relatively well. It glides the full 24″ with ease. It has the slightest amount of give when it comes to wiggling on the track that I found cumbersome. The handle that comes with the deluxe model is a must for HDLSR users. Without it, it would be hard to brace your camera and your slide would be choppy. The thing I really dislike about the IndiSlider Mini is that it is loud. When experimenting with a faster revile focus there is a distinct and prominent sliding sound that occurs. If the shot you are making has no audio, or will be dubbed in later, there is no problem at all.

With the handle it is easy to steady the camera and make your shot look awesome, but if you do want to include audio along with the shot, you are better off keeping the sliding motion slow and keeping your ears open to get the shot done effectively. I ended up shooting a scene 5 times before I was happy with the sound quality.

It’s not that I think IndiSystems are bad, in fact I love their whole concept of being affordable to the budget minded film guru. I am still looking online for a way to quite the system down without the use of grease or lubricant, only because I don’t want the residue getting on my other equipment.

I would give the system a solid 3 stars out of 5. Affordability is awesome, it truly does what it was meant to do – if you decide to purchase it, go with the deluxe version – the handle alone is worth the extra money. The professional in me finds the loudness of faster revile shots annoying and it takes up time looking online for ways to get around it.


Affordable. I like the legs that come with the slider. It allows it to be set on a solid surface (ex: ground floor, table, etc).


Wiggles a bit and is loud when being slid at a higher speed.

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  • I purchased the “Deluxe” unit much earlier this year. When it first arrived I liked it. Two or three weeks into it the pistol grip head began to shake with any kind of movement, and about a week later it stopped holding up the HDSLR (7D) — it would just fall to the side. I called the guy and left one or two voice mails (I think I sent an email also) asking for help, a fix, or a replacement. He never returned my phone messages so in exasperation I tore off the pistol grip and attached an old Manfrotto still photography tripod head (that, I think, several years back cost double of what I paid for this slider). The added weight and perfect stability of the Manfrotto tripod head resulted in a slider that worked better, and in some clips was even so smooth that it infuriated folks who spent over a thousand on their slider.

    After about four weeks, with no phone call or email, a replacement pistol grip showed up at my door. So, the guy who makes this thing came through as being respectable — but certainly not responsive enough for me to invest further in his products. And, frankly, my modified version was better — so I never messed with the replacement he got around to sending.

    So, the moral of my story is — stick an expensive tripod head on this slider — and, yes, it’ll hold its own against a Phillip Bloom Signature Edition.