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Need feedback on my secret product

Remember my hint from a previous post about a new secret product I was working on? Well, I am glad to say that prototype #1 is about to be completed and I am going to use it next weekend to test it out in the field.…

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New Products released by Red Rock Micro

This is right off the press, Red Rock Micro updated their offering for DSLR Rigs. In fact, it is such a scoop that they have not updated their website yet! Here is the press release:

Hollywood, CA  (September 17, 2009) — Redrock Micro, the leading provider of cinema accessories for digital filmmakers, today announced a wide range of new accessories to enhance video DSLRs.

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Canon7dTips.com is live

Tired of reading 7D news on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to the 5D Mark II? We heard you. We will now post all 7D related content to Canon7dTips.com. We have not decided yet how we will manage content that is relevant to both 5D and 7D owners.…

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Canon 5dMarkII vs 7D reactions

It has not been 24 hours since the announcement of the Canon 7D and we are already seeing some very strong reactions in the blogosphere. Those who did not purchase a 5D are happy like kids at Christmas while 5D Mark II owners feel betrayed and frustrated to various degrees.…

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