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Talk with customers – don’t be a bad photographer

Do you take pictures of people? Are they really happy with your work and performance? There are too many bad pro photographers out there. How do I know? Simple: I talk to customers who had bad experiences and didn’t like what they had to pay for.…

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Music video shooting tips


I have been working real hard for the past few weeks on a music video we shot for one of my friend. I shot a few clips for him in the past (the single camera on tripod kind of thing) but this time, he wanted something more.…

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Picture Style explained

I have talked about using picture style in the past but I think this video explains the whole thing much better than I ever could. If you visit the Vimeo page, you will see a list of presets to download for both 5D and 7D.…

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Meggie + Corneliu: how we did it

A few people asked me to give more details about how we shot the love story clip (posted here). Instead of writing a structured post, I am just going to go with the flow and write everything that comes to my mind.…

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A quick tip if you are using a LCD view finder (like the Z-Finder)

Reviewing the clips I did last Monday, I realized the exposure was not what I remember seeing on the LCD while shooting. After some thinking, I figured it out: I used to set the LCD brightness level to auto.  Since I was shooting outside, the ambient light sensor was calibrating the LCD brightness as if it was used in bright conditions while in fact I was looking at the LCD in a dark environment (the Z-finder).…

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What is the best shutter speed for movie mode?


I have seen this question a few times in various forums so I thought it would be another good fit for the “The Basics” section. Since people rarely explain what they would consider “best”, I assume they are talking about the best shutter speed to achieve a filmic look.…

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