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I was reviewing the clips we shot yesterday and found this horror. Look at Meggie left eye in this clip. What do you see? Me!

It might not be that noticeable at lower resolution, but when viewed full screen in HD, it is very annoying. At least to me…

While it is sometimes impossible to get out of the reflection (like in this case), a good way to minimize its effect is to be dressed in black. Of course, this never crossed my mind Sunday morning when I pick my shirt for the day! The weather was great and I was thinking about perfecting my tan…

At least I learned my lesson. Anyone has funny accidents/errors to share?

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  • Nej

    Ah indeed this is noticeable when I watch it in full screen on my 24″ iMac, I always watch the eyes of the actors so… well we all do those kind of mistakes, especially when, like me, you are new at this.

    For example in my last music video: http://www

    You can see a light stand with a light on it behind the boyfriend at diner.
    When the boyfriend is putting on the table you can see something moving behind the couch… it’s the dog who obviously doesn’t understand the word “Action!”.
    After the car accident when the Girlfriend is leaving the car you can see my tripod just standing there behind the black car… ^^
    There is a bunch of things like that in the music video… apparently people don’t notice them. But hey it happens even to the best of us, I saw inglorious Basterds the other day and I noticed some errors too.