5DMrkII + iPad = ?

The conference was not over this afternoon and I had already received a few emails and SMS from friends telling me how great of an external screen the iPad could be. And now even Philip Bloom  talks about it.

I am currently downloading the iPhone SDK3.2 to investigate the possibility but if it is doable,  I am not the one who will do it! Way too complicated!

M. Jobs might call the iPad a magic item, transforming the iPad as an external monitor would require massive coding skills. Why? You would have to port the Canon desktop SDK to the iPad which is near impossible unless you are Canon and have access to the source code. OnOneSoftware did it for the iPhone with their DSLR Remote app by using a little trick: they use a computer as a proxy so they could piggyback on the existing Canon API. The next part would be to resize the feed in real time so it fits on the iPad screen, something I doubt the iPad has the CPU power to do. So you see, it is not really possible in the current context.

It is too early to tell, but one thing is for sure: if it is possible, it will be done! The market for such a product is too big for a developer to ignore! And who knows, maybe the solution will come directly from Canon! (wishful thinking!)

By the way, I am looking for a cocoa/Objectif-C dev for a totally unrelated top secret project…

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  • love the idea with the ipad, not sure it will take off.
    Fr the size of the ipad, youre better off with a laptop that has more power..

    Im not confident about making cocoa/Objectif-C but i make a mean cappuchio..

  • Apple will have an iPad camera connection kit but like you said without the Canon SDK we’re limited …


    I’m doing some dev work for the iPhone (although I only have 2 months of experience), if you’re still looking for someone.

  • Which would have better image quality? A Canon 5D Mk II or a Sony Ex1?

    I own the EX1 and have a redrock package… I just wonder how the MKii would stack up to it when comparing image quality…


    • admin

      Depends of what you are planning to shoot. But for videos involving people, I think HDSLR are better because these subject benefit greatly from the shallow DoF and aliasing isnt as much of an issue. Also, HDSLRs are better for low light shooting.

      Really, it depends of what you plan to shoot. But from my experience, I have seen a lot of EX1 left in their bags once their owner got a 5D!

  • Gela

    iPad + 5D Mk-II = LOVE
    I would like to see 5D iPad tethering soon.
    …at list to download trough USB port for preview, will replace heavy laptop on field…

    • admin

      I have faith that something like it will come soon, at least for Canon since their API is quite open. I just dont know how compatible it would be with the iPad.

  • I would also run around my house screaming with glee when the day comes when I could use my iPad as an external monitor with my 5D.

    Do keep us posted on any findings!