Go sign the 24p petition!

I talked about this a while ago but I think it is important to underline this again. If you want to have 24p support in the Canon 5DMrkII, you should go and sign the online petition.

Will it force Canon to bend under the pressure? Probably not. But if we get enough people, it will show manufacturers that there is a market for 24p DSLR and maybe the pressure from other manufacturers will force Canon to act. After all, just imagine the amount of lost 5DMrkII sales if Nikon was to announce a direct contender to the 5D that could shoot at 24p!

All that being said, 24p is not as much an issue for me as the lack of manual control over the exposure settings. How come this issue is not talked about more often? The duct tape solution is not solution!

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    Glad to see you included the online petition link in your blog.

    It Costs us Nothing to sign for something we REALLY WANT, NEED and REQUEST.

    I hope more people do it too…

    There should also be a good and well written on-line petition for a “FULL MANUAL CONTROL” for the 5D Mark II

    So far I only have one link, that is not totally well written or expressed. And that deserves more professionally attention to be written correctly and make the link wide available..

  • 24P/25P firmware upgrade ASAP!