RAW video for Canon 5DMrk II and 7D? (Rumor)

Robert saw this on Canon Rumors coming from the Red User forum:

A little birdy just whispered something pretty remarkable into my ear. I cannot verify this AT ALL but rumor has it that Canon may be prepping to unveil a RAW or sRAW recording module for the 5D2, 7D, etc, which would record possibly via the CF card slot. Apparently they are being tested and used now.Will post more details later if I get any. Don’t know about framerates or RAW vs sRAW. And again, this is totally unconfirmed, from a single “high-placed" source."

And the news has also been covered by Mitch.

While it is hard to give much faith in a rumor like this, still, I would like it very much to happen. Everyone who has been on this site for long enough knows that every single time I try to back a rumor, it blew up in my face. So, I am going to resist the urge and simply analyze the information we have so far.

So here is my take on this:

– if you want to plug something in the 5DMrkII to get content, it has to be either the HDMI or the CF card slot.

– While the card slot probably has enough bandwidth to transfer a compressed RAW file, I doubt it would be the solution since it would require the removal of the card door by the end user, which is not something easy to do. Leaving the card door on would mean this ‘module’ would have a pretty odd shape to trap the door and prevent it from swinging away. For these reasons, I dont think a CF card solution is realistic.

– This mean it would most probably use HDMI jack to do the recording. Of course, it would require a firmware update since the current HDMI output quality is very far from usable for HD. Then again, the form of this content would not be RAW but the standard format of HDMI (what ever that is) and you could capture the content with any other HDMI capture device on the market.

– If it is standard HDMI, why are people talking about RAW? Either the rumor is false or Canon managed to overcome one of the points above in a very creative way.

This is why I am not too over enthousiastic about this. If Canon can’t give 24p, how could they manage to create this module? If such module would exist, it would be for a camera that is build from teh ground up to use it and most probably for the 1D line of product.

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