What I did yesterday…

Yesterday I was out with my friend Robert Cato shooting the remaining clips for a love story we started the previous Monday. Here is the trailer, using only Roberts clips from the Monday shoot. We did not have a laptop to copy my files over.

Add my missing shots from last Monday and the ones we got yesterday and you  have all the ingredients to make this an incredible video. We got great locations (involved a lot of scouting), incredible light and a gorgeous couple. How can you go wrong with that? Once the final clip is completed, I will post an update.

I am publishing this right away to apply some pressure on Robert to finish the edit asap! Unfortunately, he is a busy man, so dont expect anything until next week.

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  • Tom Daigon

    Beautiful looking stuff. When you said it
    was a trailer I expected it was for a movie. So just to clarify, this is a wedding video, right?

    • admin

      More of a love story since they are not getting married *yet*. I don’t want to start the gossips!