List of 5D Mark II issues

Since I got my random flipping shutter issue, I have done a lot of Googling to see if other people have had the same issue.  During this process, I discovered a few other issues 5D Mark II owners might have and thought it would be a good idea to list them.…

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RAW video for Canon 5DMrk II and 7D? (Rumor)

Robert saw this on Canon Rumors coming from the Red User forum:

A little birdy just whispered something pretty remarkable into my ear. I cannot verify this AT ALL but rumor has it that Canon may be prepping to unveil a RAW or sRAW recording module for the 5D2, 7D, etc, which would record possibly via the CF card slot.

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New Products released by Red Rock Micro

This is right off the press, Red Rock Micro updated their offering for DSLR Rigs. In fact, it is such a scoop that they have not updated their website yet! Here is the press release:

Hollywood, CA  (September 17, 2009) — Redrock Micro, the leading provider of cinema accessories for digital filmmakers, today announced a wide range of new accessories to enhance video DSLRs.

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M+C final version

It seems like my partner does not need as much sleep as I do. Here is the final cut of the love story we had with Meggie and Corneliu. It was a pleasure to work with Robert and we are already planning future projects together, so stay tuned!…

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Tips of the day

I was reviewing the clips we shot yesterday and found this horror. Look at Meggie left eye in this clip. What do you see? Me! It might not be that noticeable at lower resolution, but when viewed full screen in HD, it is very annoying.…

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What I did yesterday…

Yesterday I was out with my friend Robert Cato shooting the remaining clips for a love story we started the previous Monday. Here is the trailer, using only Roberts clips from the Monday shoot. We did not have a laptop to copy my files over.…

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