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High Capacity DSLR or Smartphone Batteries (fake or true)?


Like always, there is a never ending debate about cheap third party batteries vs original batteries

So no matter which side you lean on or promote, I will help you to decide in which direction to go. I believe this whole article works for all batteries out there, not just Canon or smartphones.…

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Canon vs Nikon saga

What do you think is Canon better than Nikon or vice verse? Check out this cool video interviewing Scott Kelby and his transfer from Nikon to Canon.

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Dynamic High Speed Video

dynamic high speed video

Breathtaking dynamic high speed video worth watching. 6:40 minutes of pure action and amazing scenery. Find out how commercials are being made.

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Shutter Count Number for your Canon EOS DSLR

Shutter Count Number is important – A DSLR’s shutter will eventually fail

Just as with any piece of mechanical equipment, a camera has a lifetime that is based on the number of shutter actuations otherwise known as shutter clicks or the shutter count.…

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Quality above quantity on the Canon5dtips site

We are trying hard to improve content quality on Canon5Dtips.com site and as result the frequency of our articles is not at high speed pace.
Help us, to help you, you can share your insights, questions, ideas with us and tell us how can we improve the site even more.…

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