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So far we didn’t touch much on stabilizers (gimbals), but in near future we will talk more about Multicopters and their image stabilizations and off course ground videos and their stabilization (gimbals), thus I think it is very interesting to prepare yourself and find out more about one of the best companies for stabilizing your camera/s.

Gudsen MOZA to Show New Products at IBC Show Including the New MOZA Pro and the New MOZA Mini Gimbal


Gudsen is best known for its MOZA camera stabilizers. It started out with 3-axis handheld gimbal and already successfully launched the MOZA Gimbals since 2014. Gudsen Technology is attending the IBC Show 2016 in RAI AMSTERDAM and show some new camera stabilizers, including the MOZA Lite 2 and MOZA Pro for professional film production, the MOZA Mini-G GoPro gimbal, MOZA Mini-C for smartphones, and MOZA A7 camera cage.


Official page:

MOZA Mini-G is a 3-axis handheld and wearable GoPro gimbal that is designed to capture smooth videos. It features a detachable handgrip and wearable kit for easy switching from handheld to wearable mode. It gives full control of the gimbal movements and shooting modes via the handgrip and MOZA Assistant App. The gimbal has been designed to be versatile and can be mounted to helmets, bike, human body and on-vehicle holders. Diverse shooting modes like vertical shooting and selfie make it fit for different shooting scenes.




  • Compatible with GoPro HERO5/4/ 3+/ 3, Xiaoyi action camera;
  • 360° rotation on all 3 axis (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) to unleash your shooting;
  • Tool-free and modular design for quick assembly;
  • Remote control of the gimbal movement via handgrip with 5-direction joystick;
  • Wearable kit for mounting on a helmet, human body and bicycle;
  • 3 operation modes and 3 follow modes for different shooting scenes;
  • Video transmitter for real-time viewing on the monitor or your smartphone;
  • Selfie-taking mode via the handgrip or the MOZA App;
  • Mounting to a tripod, slider, and crane with the ¼ screw thread;
  • Wireless control on the mobile via Bluetooth connection;
  • Intelligent battery to work for over 4hrs and supply power to the GoPro;
Moza Mini-G IBC Show





Official page:

MOZA Mini-C is a handheld and wearable gimbal stabilizer for smartphones. It has been designed to support most recent smartphone models that can create professional-level cinematic shots.

An All-in-One Handheld and Wearable Stabilizer for Smartphones


  • Compatible with all iPhone models and the most Android phones;
  • Quick release system to detach the handgrip and the wearable kit;
  • Vertical shooting mode for live stream;
  • Smart control of the gimbal movement and shooting via the handgrip and MOZA App;
  • Wearable kit for mounting on a helmet, car and bicycle;
  • External power supply to the gimbal with a 5V outport;
  • Diverse operation modes and follow modes for different shooting scenes;
  • Time-lapse and panoramas shooting with the handgrip and MOZA App;
  • Unique design to protect your phone;
Moza Mini-C Gimbal IBC Show

MOZA Lite 2

Official page:


MOZA Lite 2  is a 3-axis handheld gimbal that is designed to support mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and small cinema cameras including Sony A7 series, Panasonic GH4, BMCC, Canon 5D Mark III, and Red Scarlet with a max payload of 11.0 lbs(5.0 kg). It utilizes powerful PMSM motors with high resolution encoders to provide precision control, combining advanced FOC algorithms. With an optional wireless thumb controller, the user can control the gimbal movements, camera recording, operation modes, and parameter adjustment.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight magnesium alloy construction of 4.8 lbs(2.2 kgs);
  • Max payload of 11.0 lbs(5.0kg) to support a wide range of cameras;
  • Multi-functional wireless thumb controller for wireless control and tuning settings;
  • Intelligent battery with 2800mAh capacity to work for 4~8 hours;
  • Automobile-grade powerful motors with high resolution encoders to deliver incredible stabilization performance;
  • Tool-free modular design for fast setup and balance;
  • MOZA Assistant App and Software for parameter adjustment and firmware upgrade;
  • Universal UAV mount for adapting to a tripod, drone, slider and crane;
  • Collapsible stand to hold the gimbal;
Moza Lite 2 IBC Show


Official page:

MOZA Pro is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer designed for professional cinematography and filmmaking production. With a max payload of 22 lbs (10.0 kgs), it can support cameras ranging DSLRs to heavy cinema cameras like the Canon C100/C300, BMCC, SONY FS5 and RED series.


Key Features:

  • Motorized 3-axis gimbal for Sony FS5, BMD USRA Mini , RED series, and ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Max payload of 22 lbs (10.0 kgs) to support heavy cinema cameras
  • Versatile wireless thumb controller for camera, gimbal control and turning settings
  • Precision control with the latest FOC algorithms and powerful motors
  • Fast setup and balance in 3 minutes
  • Intelligent battery with 2800mAh capacity to film for 4hrs
  • Power distribution unit to power your follow focus and video transmitter
  • MOZA Assistant App and Software for parameter adjustment and firmware upgrade


Moza Pro Gimbal – IBC Show



MOZA A7 Cage

Official page:

MOZA A7 cage is a form-fitted camera cage designed to support the Sony a7S, a7SII, a7R, and a7RII that features a multifunctional handgrip with remote control and power supply system. The user can access to control the start/stop recording, camera focus and shutter through tapping buttons on the grip, without touching the camera directly. An in-handgrip battery with a 4800mAh capacity supplies additional power to the camera to prolong the shooting project. Other accessories like cable clamp and rodriser make it convenient for mounting accessories easily.


Key Features:

  • Formfitting design to support all Sony A7 Series
  • Full control of camera recording, shuttering and focusing with the handgrip
  • In-handgrip battery with 3400mAh to supply power to the camera
  • One-touch cable clamp to secure all accessory cable from releasing
  • 1/4″and 3/8″ accessory mounting threads and dual cold shoes for full expansion
  • Adjustable rodriser for easy adjustment of the camera lens and focusing rods
  • Compatible with Manfrotto camera plate


About Gudsen

Invented for video, Gudsen is a professional manufacturer of innovative camera accessories. We are passionate about pushing the technology limit to provide the video-making professionals with the complete solutions to capture the amazingly smooth videos. Our product line ranges from 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizers, wireless video transmitters, to camera cages and follow focus devices.  We have successfully launched a series of MOZA gimbals that support an extensive range of cameras.


For more information, please visit MOZA homepage:



Yes there are other companies that have great gimbals and we will touch them in our future posts. Till then check out Moza gimbals which are one of the finest there is. Hope to get hands on one of the DSLR gimbals for detailed review.

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