About Canon5Dtips

Founder Alain (photographer), Ivan (photographer) and Tom (learning photography, IT).

Ivan started taking pictures at about the age of 17. With his dad’s Canon A1 he did his first steps as a photographer.
Beside the typical early motives of nature and portraits, the most of his later interest he found in taking pictures of cars.
Soon he started working for an upcoming car magazine where he gained professional experience that today he is willing to share with you all.

Ivan found joy in sports photography as well, taking pictures of soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, skiing and other sports.

His first dslr was Canon 350d / Rebel XT.

Nightlife and photos from different clubs and events are not strange to Ivan as well.

Today he does all of the stuff mentioned above including wedding photography.

Check Ivan’s equipment at Our Gear page.


Tom is the guy behind scenes, IT guy. Amateur when it comes to photography, but fast learner as he likes to call himself. We will test that though ;)

He started taking pictures with his brother’s Olympus X-2,C-50Z. People liked his photos and, on the wings of new found confidence, he bought his first dslr – Canon 40D. At the time he didn’t know much about the extra equipment, but soon found it out and bought all that he thought he should. Check his gear at Our Gear page.

After that moment till today, he is trying to improve, which you will be able to witness.

His words:

“I will try to prove that equipment is not what makes you a good photographer, it is will and creativity. When I bought my first Canon 40D, there was 50D and announced 60D. I’m still an amateur photographer, but I will do my best, learn hard to get better and you will be witnesses of my improvement – I sure hope so.

I like to say: Live your passion, do what you love, express yourself and be happy.”

Alain is founder of this site.

His words:

“I always wanted to shoot video but was never able to justify the expense. That is how I got into photography, and loved it.

But with the arrival of the Canon 5D MarkII I am now able to take insane pictures AND very good quality video. Almost the best of both world. The only problem is that I am a total newbie when it comes to video shooting, hence the reason I started this site: to collect and share as much information as I can about my discoveries.”