In order to help you with your concerns we made FAQ page where you can ask us any question related to Photography and Photo equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion] [spoiler style=”2″ title=”Can I mount Canon EF-S lens on FF or EF only mount cameras?”]No, without modifications! Modifications can include physical modifications which can damage your lens or camera body.[/su_spoiler] [spoiler style=”2″ title=”Can I mount Tamron 18-270mm for APS-C on FF camera body?”]Yes, but it is made for APS-C cropped sensor cameras, and as such you could expect vignetting on edges.[/su_spoiler] [spoiler style=”2″ title=”I lost/broke my CD from Canon how can I install EOS Utility?”]You should download EOS Utility update and convert it to stand alone installation, how? Find out here.[/su_spoiler] [spoiler style=”2″ title=”Why is external recording device better than internal from camera?”]Even 5D Mark III could use external recording device rather than internal and there are couple of reason to do so ! 1st would be better quality of sound. 2nd backup of your audio, better to have two than 1. 3rd you could use multiple external device inputs for interviews and wild life shooting much easier than only one input camera has. Downside would be one more equipment in luggage and where to mount that device, but benefit from external recording device is much more than those “downsides”.[/su_spoiler] [spoiler style=”2″ title=”Can I use digital canon EOS lens on Film canon EOS camera?”]Yes, as long as you use same brand and technology in this case Canon EOS lenses.[/su_spoiler] [/accordion]