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Here is a list of all the books I have read related to photography, videography and for inspiration in no special order. I discarded books I did not like so picking any from this list should be instructive.

Note: click on the image or title to get the book. More books you get more books we will review.

Good for everyone

Time-Lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction eBook

Time-Lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction

I really can’t believe that this book is so cheap, it is 100% worth every single penny. I enjoyed this book a lot, it covers everything important for making great Time Lapse video. From framing, setup, gear, avoiding flickering, post processing and much more.
Read my review here. (May 2012)

The Photographer’s Eye

This book assess each component of a picture, one at the time and explain its impact on the overall picture. Would it be framing, aspect ratio, color contrast, etc. This book will stimulate your creativity. It can be technical, and even esoteric at some time, but it is always good.
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The Photographer’s Mind

Need to boost up your creativity? This is the book you need! The author explains how to train your brain to recognize creative opportunity and how aim for beauty, what ever the subject is.
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Videographers only

Wedding Videography from start to finish

Want to start shooting wedding? You better read this first.
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DV Rebel Guide

Want to make an action movie but dont have a budget? This is the book for you. It was written with DV Cam in mind but it is still relevant now, even more so.

Master Shot

Every time I am the DP for a shoot, people compliment me about my original composition and ideas. Well, here is the secret: I got most of my inspiration from this book!
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DSLR Cinema

This book covers pretty much everything you need to know to shoot movies with your HDSLR. My biggest recommendation for anyone who is starting out.
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From Still to Motion

This book is similar to DSLR Cinema in its topic but it is more targeted toward photographers moving to video (as the title implies).
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Photographers only

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition

This e-book is great for everybody but especially if you are without ideas what or how to shoot, this book will help you bring something unexpected and amazing into your photos, bring your photos to WOW effect and impress all people around you and internet, only your imagination is limit, this book just reveals how to do very interesting and amazing stuff.
Read review (March 2012).

Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe

This e-book is good for adventures people, travelers that want to see how to take photos in limited conditions with less equipment possible. Read review (Feb 2012).

Understanding Shutter Speed

Ever shot in Tv mode? Probably not. Most people focus on the Av mode and shutter speed is only seen as a way to offset the  available light. This book shows you how to use the shutter speed as a creative tool.

Understanding Exposure

This book is a classic and must read for anyone who wants to shoot in M mode. While all of its key principles work for both video and stills, I placed it in the photographer section because it does not cover the exposure limitations when shooting video.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is more than shooting with the lens wide open or playing in the Strobist team. While the content may be already known to most experienced photographers, for the others it is like gold. A must have for anyone who just purchase his first camera.

Transcending Travel – A guide to Captivating Travel Photography

At heart, I am a travel photographer. It is natural for me to get good pictures when I am visiting another country. I always found it easy to do so but looking at some of my friends travel pictures, I understood that not everyone is good at it. That is where this book comes in. It is simple and will improve your travel photography by a few factors.

Photo nuts and bolts

This book is good for anyone who wants to know how camera works and what the various function do. It will not teach you how to take good picture but will teach you how the various parts of the camera interact to create the picture.

Photo nuts and shots

This is the complementary book to Photo nuts and bolts. Targeted at photography novice, it will teach you the basis required to take well composed and interesting pictures.
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