Canon vs Nikon saga

Canon vs Nikon

Like everything in the world, this saga has two sides, two geek lord armies that fight with technical phrases , phrases like pixel piping.
But looking at this “my dad is better than yours” discussion from outside, it is all very simple. It just doesn’t matter. This is something that companies want us to talk about, think about, but in general that is just so plain simple and not important.
What you need, like, love, just do it, go for it.
In the next video, you will see smart answer from famous Photographer Scott Kelby. I totally agree with his thinking …
The whole story is about how come that Scott started to use Canon after so many years using Nikon.
Check it out:


Pick gear as it suits you, not based on what other think or tell you, try it out, test it out and decide on your own feeling, how does it suit you! Enjoy.

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