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Get Aperture on the AppStore for 80$!

In case you did not know, the Apple App Store is now available (need to update OSX first) and there are some great deals! The best of these, from what I have found so far, is Aperture for only 80$! While I am now a converted LightRoom user, I can tell you one thing: at this price point Aperture is a much better value for the budget conscious photographer.…

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1000fps using only Final Cut Studio

Patrick from CrumplePop (btw go check their products) just sent me info about his workflow to achieve ridiculous slow motion effect without using Twixtor. The process is quite simple: shooting at 60fps and retiming in Motion using optical flow then play back the clip at 24fps.…

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SnapSort and LensHero to the rescue!

Being known as the camera guy, wherever I go, people ask me the same question:

Which camera should I buy?

Of course, they saw some of my pictures and don’t understand why theirs are not as good as mine. Their natural reaction is to blame the camera (of course), so they want to know more about my camera.…

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Chicken + Camera = Steadicam ?!?

Thanks to my friend Mathieu from the Montreal Final Cut user group for this one. It is funny, but even funnier are some of the comments:

Some Peta people are gonna go nuts on you
… I am looking forward to the Giraffe-mounted camera boom…
And my favorite:
Man straps a camera to the head of his cock, wiggles is around and videotapes the entire ordeal
Who said that you can’t get intelligent comments on YouTube?…

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LCDVF, one product, two prices?

I have been aware of fake viewfinders (LCDVF and z-finder) on the market for a while but the sellers were mostly advertising on eBay or Craigslist and the products they were selling were cheap copies. Until recently. Look at the two view finder above.…

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FoV test video Full frame (5DMrkii) vs 1.6x crop (7D)

My friend Chad sent me this link (thanks!). While most 5DMrkII owners realize the difference between a cropped sensor and the real thing, those who don’t own one usually miss why we love our 5D that much! This is especially true when shooting with a super wide lens.…

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Good deals on CF-Cards at BH

Just received this in my email box. BH has some good deals on CF-Cards (see bellow). Think you have enough cards? How big are they? While I have about 80 gigs worth of card, they are almost all 8gig cards which means I can only record about 20-28 minutes worth of video per card.…

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